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Working with me personally delivers amazing results.

My powerful energy and teaching heals. 

I am now fully set up to teach over ZOOM meaning I can work with you wherever you are in the world. If you are London based I have started one to one appointments at my studio in Kensal Rise.

From lesson one you will feel a substantial shift.

The WHO AM I programme takes you on a personal journey of discovery, you will learn the steps needed to see beyond the illusion created by the mind and the tools you need to deal with any situation that may arise in your life, both now and in the future.  

Discovering purpose helps you reach your goals empowering you to live a present, happy and abundant life. We do not dwell in the past, we cannot change this, we find new balance in the NOW and master the mind to find freedom.  Once this higher state of being is achieved negativity and depression cannot exist.


I am highly effective because I have experienced how debilitating it is to be depressed, lost and stuck.

My personal journey started by asking myself one fundamental question. WHO AM I?

Depression can affect anyone at any time, traumatic life events are often the triggers that knock us off balance and this is what happened to me. I went from being a highly successful property developer/interior designer for celebrity clients, such as Emma Bunton and Depeche Mode, to homeless after taking a multi million pound risk bringing the UK's first carbon neutral housing product "Cub" to market in 2010.

I now see this period of loss in my life as a wonderful gift as it has allowed me to awaken and find true purpose.

I was born to be a profound Teacher to help at this time, but first, I had to experience major life lessons to be ready to take on this challenge. I have invested over 35,000 hours of dedicated learning to help you achieve extraordinary wellness in the shortest time possible. 

My career has been well documented by the BBC, Sunday Times, The Observer, The Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard and many more.

My name is Charlie Greig and I look forward to helping you.

I am certified by the Holistic Healing College in London as a Soul Plan Reader.

the benefits of working with me in person

Working with me personally is a life changing experience, I help you achieve wellness in the shortest time possible.

Clients say lessons become the highlight of their week.

In addition to working with me personally, you will receive a free online course to go over techniques and lessons to keep you topped up in between sessions and text support is available if needed.


One to One lessons are available on ZOOM and in person.

WHO AM I - 10 lesson programme £1200.00

RRP £4970.00 

Payment plans are available and we accept all major credit cards. 

Lessons are approx 90 mins in duration and are recommended weekly.

A FREE 30 min call is offered to all new One to One clients.

A purposeful and abundant life is your birth right.

Individual therapy sessions are also available.


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