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My Approach

I help you unlearn the beliefs that are keeping you trapped in fear and help you remember who you are. 

This remembering is called your "awakening."

Millions of people around the world are currently going through this transformation, the planet is waking up to a higher state of consciousness and we are too. It's a wonderful time to be alive to experience this extraordinary event.

If you are feeling anxious or depressed or want to become more spiritually aware, I guarantee what I do will change your life forever.

We are all actors on the stage playing the game we call "life." 

You will find purpose to reach your goals, relationships will improve, and a new level of happiness is felt. 

IF YOU ARE lost and stuck
you are ready

Real medicine is knowledge. The answer to suffering and depression is education, not medication. Learning to observe your thoughts and emotions are key to living an empowered and happy life.

My teaching provides extraordinary wellness for the mind, body and soul.


"This programme, Charlie and all that I’ve learnt have changed my world. Charlie hands you life's master key and this allows you to open literally any door you wish. What is on the other side is just wonderful."

Georgina. Age 40

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