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My souls evolution spans many lifetimes.

I have chosen to be here at this time to help sleeping souls awaken.


This lifetime has not been easy, but I now know why.

I have lived many, many lifetimes on earth to gain the experience I needed to help sleeping souls awaken, to help them shift to a higher state of consciousness. 

My personal journey of awakening started a decade ago. I became chronically depressed, suicidal lost and stuck, which prompted me to ask WHO AM I?

These three words were the keys to my awakening, to remember who I was and what I came to do.

It was time to wake up.

We all choose what we are to do in each lifetime, to learn lessons to help us grow, but we forget as we come to earth until we awaken which helps us remember.

Depression, I've now learnt is what happens to push us to surrender, to remove us from old patterns of conditioning, thinking and behaviour, to remember who we truly are. As most of us have stubbornness as our chief feature, life events are often severe to help us make this transition.

I now see this period of great sadness in my life as a wonderful gift as it pushed me to awaken, to achieve a higher state of consciousness and to find my true purpose to selflessly help others.

I can describe this state of being as BLISS.

My thirst for knowledge became insatiable, I undertook over 40,000 hours of study and practice over 7 years, to fully remember who I was, to re align my self.

This vast amount of knowledge helped me understand the steps needed to teach others how to awaken. This knowledge I built into the WHO AM I - 10 step programme that I have been teaching full time for four years in person and online.

I am currently developing new lessons that are being released monthly as part of my advanced programme which is being hosted on Patreon for continued learning.

This pandemic is pushing other souls to awaken through traumatic life events.

Everyone has been knocked of balance.

My mission is to help you remember who you are, to teach you to awaken in the shortest time possible.


There is no need for anyone on earth to be depressed. Knowledge is the medicine that will heal you.

We are One.

dawning of aquarius

Where we are currently is no accident.

Great change happens every 26,000 years. This milestone was reached in 2012.

The Mayan calendar indicated the end of the world was coming, but actually we were entering a new era."The Dawning of Aquarius."

Enlightened ages has been experienced in history many times before, for example,

the Egyptian era was also an enlightened age.  

The 21st of December 2020 was the official entering of this new age where the Alcyone central sun of the

Milky Way Galaxy was in pure alignment with our solar system, and earth was and is being showered with light codes, which is helping everyone wake up.  

This light is assisting our human bodies to change from carbon to crystalline.

As we learn to activate our chakras, (energy centres throughout our bodes) strands of dormant DNA are being plugged in to speak to help us connect to higher states of consciousness.

You may be experiencing headaches, aching muscles, lethargy or purging

as these are all signs of the body changing to hold more light.

As you wake up you will feel less alone, you will start remembering who you are, you will start discovering your super powers and will be ready to dissolve the ego. 

Old patterns of programming have kept us asleep for eons.

In essence, we are energy beings here to have a temporary experience on earth, to gain knowledge to contribute to the collective consciousness of one.  Each soul is a fragment of source energy.

We are all connected and part of the collective whole. 

We are living in extraordinary times, once awake you will feel free, you will see the beauty all around and within, you step into being selfless, to being of service to others in the full knowing everyone is an aspect of ones self.

Life becomes joyous and you escape fear.

Learning to AWAKEN is the most powerful tool you can learn in life. Relationships improve, happiness and contentment is felt and life becomes delicious.