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I felt stuck in a dark hole. I didn’t know what I was searching for.
I have always been an open-minded person yet with a somewhat sceptical view in a few areas.

I held that in slightly while walking through Charlie’s door to my first lesson, but by lesson two I was fully engrossed and entrenched in everything I was learning, clinging on to Charlie’s last words wide eyed and mesmerised. I walked out that door after every lesson feeling like life was magical, and that it was now going to be so much easier to live. 
Being conscious is not scary or religious or anything to be nervous of, it’s about remembering beauty and love.
I found huge happiness in small things, understanding others, ability to forgive and to love deeper than before. Something else so valuable to me was that I discovered love for myself, being happy on my own and appreciating the good and the bad.... even within me.
This course, Charlie and all that I’ve learnt have changed my world.
Charlie hands you life's master key and this allows you to open literally any door you wish.

What is on the other side is just wonderful. 
I could go on and on quite happily about how much I got from this course, about how magnificent it was for me, but I think the best way to show my progress, belief and growth is to say that I immediately ‘enrolled’ my children to do the course and also am in the process of investing in the WHO AM I business to expand it further, enabling more people to benefit from Charlie’s teaching. 
I am proud to say that I am now the Brand Ambassador of WHO AM I and am excited about the future.
Anything is possible. Life is beautiful and I am happy.
I hold my own master key! 


I started the ten week who am I course with Charlie and have definitely seen such a big difference in my mental emotional and spiritual health.

I learnt things that my subconscious has always felt but didn’t understand and how the power of the mind can be controlled so u can live a present happy and peaceful life.

By doing this course my thinking and attitude has completely changed. 

The power of thought and positive thinking brings a positive life and understanding my purpose to be here took me on a journey of true enlightenment! 

Charlie is definitely a gift from god to help others on this planet I will be forever her friend and know she is one of my soul family.


One morning, again I woke up feeling lost, hungover and hopeless. I knew my problem was bigger than me and decided I was sick of feeling this way. I typed ‘spiritual healer’ into google and read about Charlie and her past clients’ testimonials. When I went to see Charlie, she explained the bigger picture to me in a whole new way. 

She made me see I am a spec in the ocean, but powerful enough to create tides of change. She taught me to meditate and made a very detailed handwritten soul plan for me, which she took extreme care to teach me how to read. I always had a distant sense of what I am capable of doing in life but lacked the self-belief to do it. 

I have this special document from Charlie for the rest of my life so I can refer to it to make sure I’m on the right path, and it’s going to help me overcome my challenges, because I’m aware of them now. Now I am back on track to achieving what I want to and am here to do.


I recently did the weekend course “Who Am I” with Charlie. I found her to be a very generous teacher. She gave us so much information during the two days that I’m still processing it all, weeks later. She has obviously done a lot of self-investigation and understands the process of transformation at a very fundamental level. She was able to explain clearly and precisely the steps to take. 

Charlie has a unique point of view, which she shares, she then gives you the tools you need to carve a path for your own self-discovery. The way she works and explained the complex systems was easy for me to understand, as I am a visual learner. Charlie has great energy and is very willing to share her knowledge. I’m very grateful to this process, which is on-going; I’m still working through the enormity of what she shared with us over the weekend! If you are prepared to do the work, I have no doubt that Charlie’s course will change your life.


Charlie's 10-week programme is very well articulated, with a variety of resources and practical exercises. She delivers it in a wonderful manner, asking the difficult questions and giving you the necessary tools to answer them. I have learnt so much and keep doing so by applying her teachings every day. Overall, this programme has given me peace and a genuine sense of empowerment: highly recommended!


I recently completed the 12 week 'Who Am I’ course with Charlie. Every week we covered a new topic, and they each interwove to deliver a really lovely picture of some wonderful insights, tools and theories. It reminded me of what I had already learnt, enhanced that learning and gave it greater context. 

It also helped me to reignite my passion for spiritual and personal development. 

Thank you Charlie for your care and for the passion you have to share your insights.


This course literally saved my life, I no longer wanted to be here.  The love and guidance I received from Charlie during our 12 week journey gave me a new perspective and understanding of what really maters in life.  Each week a new layer of understanding was gained leaving me empowered, focused and ready to take on the world.  

I learnt how to meditate, to forgive, to be grateful, to not judge, to be impeccable with my word, to do my best, to see beyond the illusion we have created for ourselves, to be present and to understand why I am  here and what I’m here to do. I can now use my intuition to guide my decisions and I practice the law of attraction daily.  

I am now fully conscious and excited about what the future. I can handle it!  I highly recommend her, she was born to teach. Thank-you.


I have just completed Charlie’s course, I found it full of content organised into an insightful journey. Although I have studied some of the aspects over the last 20 years, this pulled them all together and created plenty of AH!HA moments! 

If we all behaved according to her teachings, the world would be a far better place for our children and grandchildren to inherit. Thank you.



I found Charlie’s course very helpful and insightful. She has distilled many years of her own personal development journey into an interesting and enlightening series of sessions and guiding material. If you feel ‘at sea’ in the millions of personal development books out there, she has cleverly and carefully chosen some of the best to guide you on your way. 

Her teaching sessions are illustrated very creatively in diagrammatic form that makes them memorable for a visual learner like me.  Her sessions are excellently planned and her course is clearly outlined for you in detail from the start.
She has a unique, relaxed style of teaching that she has very much made her own, so her course is fun as well as being stimulating and a serious learning experience. 

There are many precious gems that you take away from a course with Charlie. Well worth doing if you want to shake things up in your inner world. 


Before I did the course I was afraid that it would change me into a completely different person that I wouldn’t be happy with, but having finished the course, I have changed, but I like the person I am now much more. 

Charlie’s life changing course, lead me out of confusion and ego and showed me who I was. 

The homework was tough, and to be honest I’ve learnt from experience that you get out what you put in. My favourite bit was the soul plan, it helped me the most, as it told me my best unique way to handle the tough parts to come in my life. This course has changed me for the better. 


I have recently completed the 10-week programme ‘Who Am I’ with Charlie and I have to say - it was a really rewarding experience for me. I have got out of the rut I was stuck in and got to know myself in a more deep, meaningful way. Having started the course feeling lost, depressed, insecure, constantly anxious and unsure of how to solve the problems in my life – it all felt overwhelming! I am glad I put my trust into Charlie to help guide me through her spiritual teachings to get me on track to a better future for myself. I will forever be grateful to her for giving me these building blocks and the key to a successful life ahead. With love, thanks and gratitude! 


I embarked on my own journey of self-discovery and enlightenment about 3 years ago which had lead me to get sober about a year and a half ago. This summer I faced some difficult personal and professional challenges and was struggling to deal with the associated emotions that had arisen….having been so used to using alcohol to numb them in the past. I came across Charlie’s course when I was at a particularly low point and after only the first lesson I felt instantly better and more equipped to cope. Over the course of the 10 weeks I got stronger and stronger and found a new found sense of peace and purpose. I now feel much more in charge of my life and my emotions thanks to the incredible lessons I learned and excited to move forward with life. Charlie’s way of teaching was super engaging and informative and she was able to hold the space beautifully for me during some testing times. I cannot recommend this course more! Thanks Charlie. xx


Forgotten how to smell the roses? Lost in the drudgery of city living? Everyday mundanities chipping away at your soul? Learn to be present again and find yourself with Charlie’s course. You’ll learn to reawaken your essence and your purpose.

Charlie helped me to see past my ego and how it was sabotaging my life. I feel more connected to myself and others and find beauty in the everyday, simply because I’m now looking!

I’m more awake than I have been in a very long time and see opportunities everywhere. Charlie reminded me that anything is possible! Can’t recommend Charlie enough! She’ll change your life!


Charlie’s mental well-being course cannot be more highly recommended. Despite many years of intermittently seeing several different psychoanalysts, I was sceptical of Charlie’s approach to the subject. However, even after the first, second and third class, Charlie managed to give one the tools and exercises to leave aside the ghosts of the past.

The course of ten classes is drawn from a very extensive and broad church of different approaches to the subject of mental well-being.

The information has been so well shifted, and is then explained and structured that with each class one feels as if one is going up a staircase of learning of not just how to quell the problems of the past, but also to deal with issues that are to come.


I am in great appreciation to Charlie for changing my life and the way I think. I now know how to be conscious, to live in the NOW, and how to take care of myself. I feel so light and happy, I love myself and the whole universe. 

Thank you Charlie with all my heart.


I had been feeling lost for years when I first met Charlie. I had sought help from many different therapists and councillors but none of them were able to help. Meeting Charlie was life changing for me. I still have challenging moments but Charlie has given me the tools to overcome them. 

For this I am most grateful.


I found the course materials inspirational, motivational and enlightening. All the books you must read bring a varied set of tools that if put into your daily routine can enhance your life in perception and action.

Charlie was great at motivating me and has a deep passion in her beliefs.  I found her professional and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the material was understood. Thank you. 


I have recently completed a 10-week personal enlightenment, growth and development course with Charlie. At the beginning l was at a low ebb and gradually over the weeks, and with unwavering support and assistance, I not only completed the course, I learned, I grew, I believed and now I AM.
Thanks Charlie for all your help and assistance, I cannot recommend you highly enough.


I have just finished the Who Am I course, and I have got to say it was the best thing I have ever done.
It has given me an insight on the world and helped me a lot.
I started the course feeling low and had upcoming exams, so was quite stressed and nervous.
The course really benefited me because it taught me that everything happens for a reason and that if something doesn’t go my way or the right way then don’t worry, there are more great things to come.
You have an amazing teacher that will help you get through everything.
You will be a lot more motivated and feel stronger and powerful, like you can overcome anything that comes your way, which will make you feel a lot more positive.  I must say, if you don’t do the homework you won’t get as much out of it.
I have overcome many difficult obstacles whilst I have been doing this course and I wouldn’t have been able to if I hadn’t done this…I hope you can too.


I recently completed the 10 week 'Who Am I’ course with Charlie. Every week we covered a new topic, and they each interwove to deliver a really lovely picture of some wonderful insights, tools and theories. It reminded me of what I had already learnt, enhanced that learning and gave it greater context. 

It also helped me to reignite my passion for spiritual and personal development. Thank you Charlie for your care and for the passion you have to share your insights.


Charlie’s teaching is incredible. Her vast knowledge, the sharing of her own experience, her compassionate, enthusiastic and empathetic way of communicating make for an incredibly addictive experience. You just want more! Her practical way of presenting concepts, in a fun and memorable way, very simply embed what can be very complex. 

This experience will truly change your perspective, reactivating your enjoyment and zest for life. An amazing lady!


I began the course feeling lost and utterly fed-up with life, hoping that a little outside guidance could bring me some sense of inner peace, and a change in perspective. I quickly learnt that Charlie shares her knowledge with a love and passion that is almost infectious to be around. Soon, attending the course became my weekly dose of positivity, bringing me back to balance.  Throughout, I had the opportunity to really reflect on who I am and why I am here, gaining a wealth of tools that have now been implemented into my daily life. Not only did my perspective on life shift, I also found a confidence within that I had not previously been aware of, as I started to love myself as I am. I am eternally grateful for all the amazing insights shared in the course and my new-found love for numerology, which I plan on studying further in the future.  I also must mention the amazing reading list that accompanies the course. I now have a great selection of books to support the knowledge I have gained and have gone on to recommend them to friends and family. For the first time in a long time, I feel I am living as my authentic self, taking steps towards a more joyful future whilst fully appreciating the now. I know these lessons will stay with me for a very long time to come. Thank you!


I found Charlie Greig’s course to be highly Inspirational, the experience was not only life affirming but also life changing. If you are stuck at some point and it seems too hard to get through, here are the tools to help you move on and connect with your heart and your true self.  With boundless positive energy and encouragement Charlie Greig will explore with you the wisdom of centuries of learning’s from all over the globe. 

The ancient and modern are here combined to offer you further insight into what your true purpose is on this planet and how you can identify and obtain your goals. Through the course Charlie gives guidance not only on how to find the path to your soul plan but also how to make the journey joyous by becoming present in your life.  

It opened up many new doors for me and helped me turn a corner to a place where I can now see my hearts desires are ready to come through. Yes, more please. Thank you. 


I reached out to Charlie at a very low point in my life. I had suffered losses both financially and emotionally and through her guidance and series of structured sessions really helped me to put things into perspective. To focus on developing an attitude of gratitude. 

To be in the moment. She has been a beacon of light at a dark juncture and for that I am glad that I was led to her.


I was trapped in my fixed mentality before I started Charlie’s course.

She helped me to overcome my fears and challenges. Now I only focus on my talents and see the unlimited possibilities for the betterment of my life. Her continued guidance and support has enabled me to live my life to its full potential. I personally think this course should be mandatory for all humans.


Charlie taught me how to find joy in every moment of life. I was ignoring balance in my life for long time. However, wisdom coming from Charlie took my everyday life to a whole new level. More balance, more joy, more being in the moment. I cannot ever thank Charlie in words for the wonderful gift she has given me.


Completing this course has been both a revelation and a confirmation. The content shared and taught has had me nodding my head, smiling, crying and feeling so giddy with love and knowing! What Charlie has produced through this course has opened my eyes and helped me remember exactly why I am here, and who I am.. or who I remember I am. It has given me the confidence and confirmation back about my worth and value and what work I am here to do in the world, and my WORTH in the world. Knowing the truth has meant I can call on this knowledge in times of struggle - all I have to do is remember. Charlie is such a wonderful, kind, loving and dedicated teacher and embodies all she does. Her knowledge is true and important. I instantly felt so connected and comfortable in her presence and she has held me throughout the course. I came to her at a time of lowness, which was due to an ongoing outside emotional situation in my life, however during and on completion of the course I feel more equipped and sure of my coping powers. This is so invaluable to me. It is ongoing work, but this work is just breaking you through to a better and sustainable place overall. Doing this work has led me into a space where I feel able to actually LIVE my life. Thank you so much Charlie xx


Charlie is a master at what she does. She really knows her craft and is uber-passionate at helping others get well and stay well. Her 10-week course is beautifully designed to enable you to learn about who you are, what you want and where you are going in life and most importantly, why so… Charlie pours her heart out in her teaching, is always prepared, energised, joyful and she over delivers on her content. I have been working with Charlie for 2 months now and I have reached new levels of happiness, peace and personal fulfilment. Charlie is a must-see for anyone who wants more from themselves and life. Thank you CG!


I’m still on my spiritual journey and was guided to Charlie; I cannot thank the universe enough. Not only does she have love and understanding, she gives you her time, knowledge and power, which guides you to being the best person you can be for yourself with absolutely no judgement. Beautiful lady, I am growing beautifully in the short space of time I have been with her, she is amazing, as I said at the beginning and will repeat proudly, I can not thank the universe enough for guiding me to her as I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.


I went on Charlie’s course 2 months ago and it was absolutely life changing, this woman is incredible in what she does, I recommend everyone to sign up.


I attended Charlie’s two-day weekend course and found it very inspiring. It was such a liberating moment with her accompanying me to wake up in life. I can feel the peace growing inside of me, which is helping me move forward in life confidently. I am now doing each module at home and have already learnt to live fully in the present moment. I am enjoying the process applying her teachings in my life, which has greatly changed my perspective. Charlie explained everything beautifully and was a real inspiration at a time where I needed direction, I’m very glad we met, 

Thank You Charlie!



Charlie’s teaching is amazing, my soul plan reading was spot on and would help anyone on their journey to become whole, to be healed and to recognise their full potential, I’m ever so thankful.


Complete ‘desperation’ to a place of ‘hopefulness’ to a state of ‘being.’ Approaching my fourth week on the course and this just about sums up my journey up until now with Charlie. A watchful eye to keep you in check, a guiding hand to steer you along the way… to the love and light at the end of the tunnel.“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…everyone had a Charlie!” 


I remember seeing Charlie’s flyers about a year ago and thinking to myself I’d like to find out more but not feeling quite ready to commit. It then took another year of feeling depressed and anxious to realise that enough was enough and led me to book my first appointment. Charlie’s 10 week course takes you on an incredible journey of self discovery. The course gives you time and space to truly look inwards at yourself, finding answers to those difficult questions such as ‘who am I’ and ‘what is my purpose’. For somebody that’s struggled with anxiety and depression all their life I finally feel like I have the right tools to get on with my life with


Making time to attend class each week gives you something to look forward to and a big dose of positivity. Charlie is extremely welcoming, wise and supportive, and makes you feel completely at home. I have learnt to trust my inner voice and found a new confidence in myself. Life is no longer about worrying what people think and who I have to impress. ‘Speak to make yourself happy, don’t speak to impress others’ is my new motto! Thank you so much Charlie for guiding me on to this new path, I feel like I have made a friend for life. xx


Having my soul plan read was so inspiring, especially as I was just starting my first business venture, it filled me with confidence, helped me realise my talents, thank you. 

The whole experience was so enlightening and I would recommend her to any one and everyone who needs some healing.


I was approaching my 16 th birthday. I had a year of stress and pressure behind me whilst going through my GCSE’s, coupled with relentless anxiety waiting to see if the auditions I had completed for a placement at Drama school had been successful. I had always considered myself as a bubbly and positive girl, but during that year I felt like something inside had died. 

I just could not get my happy tummy back. I was riddled with self doubt, self criticism and negativity. At a time in my life when I should have been so excited about my future, my confidence was floored and I began to question if I was not only choosing the right path, but if I had what it took to achieve it. It was my Mum that intervened, she took me to see Charlie who in a matter of literally four hours made a transformation that I can only describe as DEVINE! We first looked at my soul plan, which was incredible and basically told me that the path I was choosing was perfect for me, this instilled my confidence immediately. We then went on to talk about the power of right thought, the gift of right words and the wisdom and right heart. There was an internal metamorphosis that went on in such a small capsule of time that I did not deem possible. Everyone needs a ‘Charlie’ in his or her life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving myself back to me.


The teachings i have received from Charlie have been life changing. My weekly sessions were a life line to understanding my feelings and reactions about relationships and work. This helped me enormously to improve my life and have a clear  focus on how i would like to achieve my purpose. Charlie is intelligent, creative and kind, she has an excellent sense of humour and way of ensuring each session is valuable. Charlie was always able to gently guide me to control my thoughts and to help me understand negative spirals. A very difficult balance was needed here, a role that takes patience, experience and a great deal of expertise which she showed at all times. 

Charlie is non judgmental, tactful, insightful, skilful and quite simply a genius in the way she has designed this course in layers for gentle growth. The results speak for themselves. 

She was clear and prolific and kept me engaged and focused. My progress came by being true to myself. I learned to be able to look at the different aspects of my behaviour and personality and work on the parts I was happy/unhappy with. Since the end of my course, I have come to the conclusion that I have been incredibly fortunate to have been taught by Charlie, she is is totally unique in her approach and gets results beyond your wildest expectations. Thank you x


I was going through a tough period when I first met Charlie. Charlie made a huge difference in my life. She increased my confidence enormously. She rescued me, she guided me. Charlie gave me all the tools to achieve a better life and be a better person. She is an amazing woman , she has contagious energy and happiness.
I am so grateful! 

Thank you so much Charlie


I always come away from our sessions with such Joy, optimism and positive energy. 


I have completed the 10-week personal enlightenment, growth and development course with Charlie. It has been absolutely amazing !! At first when I started I was stuck, lost and depressed ; I wanted to find my purpose, passion and happiness, and from my deep spiritual craving my soul and energy guided me towards the most loveliest Charlie, somebody that could support, guide and understand me on a much deeper level.

Charlie is such a lovely woman and very helpful, she can boost your mood  in seconds with her warm energy around her. And now both me and my partner are feeling amazing, happy, content and satisfied with life. We have a much clearer picture of life, with an open mind and heart. Charlie has been an incredible teacher, Guru and mentor throughout our journey with exceptional knowledge of life and beyond. We love you Charlie, Thank-you for everything!


It is hard to find the words to express my experience Over the last 10 weeks, I will however, try.....

When I first came to you I felt stuck and lost and could no longer ignore this burning desire to shift and make changes to my life. After lesson one I felt myself creeping back to centre and left feeling lighter and more hopeful. Fast forward 10 weeks and wow what a journey it’s been. The tools you have shown me (which I know I’ve always possessed) how to use and keep using has improved my life on so many levels, from my marriage and the relationship with my kids to, most importantly the relationship with myself. To understand what is important and what is not, what is real and what is an illusion, remaining present and knowing how to get back there when i slip into the past and the future, trusting that it will all be ok in the end and that we are all right where we need to be, being able to simply hand it over (to the universe) and accept the things we can’t control, raising my consciousness and awareness to the beauty that surrounds us, in all its bountiful abundance, teaching me the importance of my affirmations and meditation which raise my vibrations to such a level that I’ve noticed huge differences in those close to me and the general vibe of all that I love and care for. 

As you know I’ve tried various types of extensive therapy over the years but nothing comes close to this. It all just fell into place at the right time ‘when the student is ready the teacher will appear’

I was ready and there you were. Thank you for my lessons and showing me the love and the light. For this I am eternally grateful.

Big ❤️