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wake up in 10 lessons

Not everyone is geographically positioned to work with me in person so I have  recorded my programme to be studied at home anywhere in the world. Membership gives you access to my channel for one year giving you plenty of time to go back over lessons as needed.

I have invested a decade of learning to help you awaken in the shortest time possible. 

Video lesson trailers are below.

I look forward to hearing your wonderful stories and comments that you can leave on the chat section of VIMEO and you can always contact me if you need help along the way.

Stream on IOS, Android, Apple TV, ROKU and Chrome Cast.


"I am only on week 4 of this course and it has changed my life so much already! My anxiety has decreased incredibly and I just feel happier, more optimistic, less worried, etc. I am truly grateful I found this! 

I can't wait to learn more!"

Client Testimonial

You want to experience a life free of fear and worry

You want to know who you are

You want to be ready to fully experience the new world

Society has led us to believe life has to be a struggle, but it doesn’t need to be, your birthright is to live a life of joy and abundance, it's how you measure abundance that is key.

In 10 lessons your life will look very different. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

This programme is for you if

"The tools I have learnt have changed my life on so many levels, from my marriage and the relationship with my kids to, most importantly the relationship with myself"

Daisy. Age 39

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