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Image by Adomas Aleno

An awakened workforce increases productivity. 
Balance, compassion, wisdom and integrity are attributes of business's who will 
succeed as we move into the golden age. 

Could your business benefit from some spiritual healing?

This global pandemic has left many feeling lost, isolated, anxious and depressed.

​This effects performance on all levels, at home, at work and in relationships. 

Investing in your teams mental health and spiritual wellbeing is vital to a happy and healthy business

which of course is reflected in the bottom line.

What I do soothes, restores and empowers your team ready to take on challenges they may

be experiencing now or in the future. 

We can work together in several ways.

working options


I have recorded my 10 lesson programme as a series of video lessons which are available FREE of charge for you to circulate in house.

Donations are greatly appreciated to help me continue my humanitarian work.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. 


Soul Plan Readings to compliment lesson no 4.

Are staff members maximising their full potential? 

Are they doing what they came to do?

£37 per employee


1:1 Teach Therapy sessions over ZOOM are available for members of your team who need support.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Tailored programmes are available.

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