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Depressed to Happy by Charlie Greig

A step by step guide to finding authentic happiness.

Kindle & Paperback

Not everyone is ready to awaken spiritually.

With this in mind I have written a step by step guide for those who want a more worldly solution

to finding authentic happiness. 

Available on Amazon.

It's my pleasure to help you.

"A wonderful book written with so much love and wisdom. If you are feeling at sea with the millions of self help books available, this gives you a practical solution to finding authentic happiness."

Gemma Age 45

The world is waking up, we can no longer sustain productive and happy lives being governed by fear,

it’s time to WAKE UP.

Once awake, depression and anxiety cannot exist.

Charlie discovered the secret to authentic happiness as a result of her own personal journey.

Her extensive knowledge and ability to articulate concepts in an easy and understandable way, makes what can be very complex, understandable.

This book is a must read if you are feeling depressed, lonely, anxious, overwhelmed, lost or stuck.

Are you ready to change how you perceive and live life forever?


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