Clients say...

There is more evidence in this programme compared to years of therapy and counselling.

If you are prepared to be open minded and try a different approach, this programme will change your life forever.

"In 10 weeks I learnt more than I have ever learnt in my life! This programme is for EVERYONE, it’s a life changer and I am forever grateful."


Daisy Age 40

The Great Awakening

For thousands of years the human condition known as depression has plagued society.  The mind "ego" has become the primary force in decision making, disconnecting any access to inner knowing that resides within each and every one of us.

This disconnection creates a feeling of dissatisfaction, fear, anxiety, loneliness and unworthiness being experienced by most humans today.  


We are a society of "me" rather than "we' which continues to selfishly drive the human race further and further apart. 

To find the answer to the most fundamental question in life "Who Am I" a question millions of humans are beginning to ask themselves during this period of evolution, is the key to unlocking truth paramount to living happy, productive and purposeful lives.

Severe depression can be classed as the "Dark night of the soul." This is a very real condition and is the point where the soul pushes you to awaken usually through a succession of painful life events.

Every thing we experience is orchestrated for our maximum growth, there are no coincidences. 

Emotional or financial loss, separation, grief, divorce, failure, abandonment, or abuse are to name a few triggers that may have led you here.

We are often required to hit rock bottom before we are willing to ask for help due to stubbornness, a chief feature held by most. 

To understand the meaning of life and our place in it is called enlightenment or expanded consciousness.

This is our authentic state of being but we have forgotten how to exist here.

There are many ways to reach this enlightened state of being. 

Most will take decades even lifetimes to achieve. Years of focussed study, questioning, practice and reflection is needed.


This is where I come in.  My journey has spanned a decade. I dedicated myself completely to finding the answer to life's No 1 question "Who Am I" following a series of life events that left me chronically depressed and suicidal. This was by no means an easy journey. The answers were not apparent until significant work was completed. Approx 35,000 hours.  

Eventually I obtained an enlightened state of being free from the constraints of the mind.

I now teach this knowledge to others, online, or in person.

I short cut this process by years in a nurturing and loving enviorment.

The hundreds of students I have helped to remember who they are over the last three years will concur...

The only way out is in.

You can work with me in a number of ways.

1. In person. 10 lessons arranged weekly or monthly dependent on your availability.

2. Intense 7 day programmes at agreed locations worldwide.

3. Online via my online series of video lessons for those who are disciplined to study autonomously.

4. Online video lessons and top up one to one lessons in person or online as required.

5. For beginners who want to understand the concept of my teachings, my book"Depressed to Happy" is available from Amazon in Paperback and on kindle.

6. In house workshops at schools, colleges or the workplace. 

7. Soul Plan reading as a first step to understand who you are.

8. Retreats 

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

A free 30 min call is available to anyone wanting to work with me on a one to one basis.


depressed to happy

Learning how to control the mind and to remember who you really are is the  key to finding authentic happiness.

The WHO AM I -10 step programme is the medicine needed to escape fear allowing you to live a authentic purposeful life filled with LOVE.

This a serious learning experience, 

I have done the hard work for you. All you have to do is sit back and watch the lessons, do the homework outlined each week and watch yourself blossom into the the beautiful being that you are.

£497 gives you access to my channel for one year, giving you plenty of time to study and go back over lessons as needed.

If you would like to arrange 121 sessions to run along side home study, please contact me to arrange a suitable schedule.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, im here to help you.

Stream on IOS, Android, Apple TV, ROKU and Chrome Cast.

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"I am only on week 4 of this programme and it has changed my life so much already! My anxiety has decreased incredibly and I just feel happier, more optimistic, less worried, etc. I am truly grateful I found this! 

I can't wait to learn more!"

Charlie, the value you've  brought to my life far outweighs what you charge for your programme. I started on a spiritual journey, not necessarily depressed or anxious, but your lessons have had a profound impact on my relationships, career , family and wealth.  You bring clarity to a deep topic, and I'm grateful to you for sharing your years of expereince and knowledge.  You are an excellent teacher and I would recommend anyone even slightly intrigued to do this programme. 

"I’m happier than I have been in a very long time and see opportunities everywhere. Charlie reminded me that anything is possible!

Can’t recommend Charlie enough!

She’ll change your life!


Kirin Age 34


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