Remembering who you truly are is the medicine that heals you. 


We are all unique magnificent multi dimensional beings, as we pass through the veil of forgetfulness at the start of every lifetime we forget who we truly are.

This is to ensure that lessons we have come to learn can be carried out without interference.

Earth is like a school.  We come and learn lessons to contribute to the collective consciousness of one.

Think of life as a school of continuous learning.

Often at middle age or in times of trauma, we get stuck.

What we have been taught no longer resonates, we yearn to find truth.

Most ask "Who Am I" which is a great indicator that you are ready to embark on this journey.

Any life event can trigger your awakening, but the most common are divorce, loss, financial or emotional, or grief.

If you neglect to do the work, things get more difficult. The mind becomes dominant and consuming, depression and anxiety become the primary focus, and life often takes a downward spiral which can be very painful.

The process of awakening can last years. The beauty of working with me, is I help you discover who you are in only 10 lessons and this is the medicine needed to heal, to become who you truly are at an energetic level.

Becoming awake spiritually is a gift, and requires work.  

To reach the castle you must first swim the moat! 

Think of awakening like this.

Imagine there is a glass of water.  On the top floats a drop of oil. This oil is made up of 22 emotions, ranging from joy and bliss at

number 1 and despair, fear, depression at number 22.

Underneath the oil spot is pure, live, clear water.  This is who you are, consciousness itself. 

The physical body is just the vehicle to carry out life expereinces.

Letting go of emotions that are holding you back and stepping into the ones that make you feel good allows you to BE the magnificence of who you truly are. You are a creator of your own experience, once you are awake, you are able to use your thoughts and feelings to create things. There are steps to learn before this can happen and are part of the journey.


Emotions are there to help you experience a richer and more productive experience, you can choose how you want to feel, we have free will, but once you realise emotions are just the oil droplet on the surface and can be manipulated through focused thought to change your experience, enables you to BE the pure clean water which is your consciousness to become

the master of your reality through creation.

This is mastery and is described as enlightenment.

What will you learn?

You will learn to escape the mind. The mind is just a collection of memories governed by ego to keep you safe.

You will learn how to live only in the present moment.  Buddhists describe this as the middle way, no time, no stress just being.

Once in this balanced state, depression and anxiety cannot exist, you can't exist in two paradigms at the same time.

You will learn about diet, meditation and how to achieve balance.

Your soul plan highlights what you are here to do, this is the holographic imprint of the soul and provides great comfort and confidence to navigate life with ease.

Understanding numerology helps you interpret synchronicities and helps you understand why people around you act the way they do.

When you dissolve the ego, there is no judgement, you no longer take things personally or make assumptions, and you fully step into your power. 

This new found power allows you to detach from the matrix and become connected to multidimensionality.

This is where everything changes and life becomes blissful.

If you are working with me personally your chart is also channelled to provide further clarity on your over-leaves.

How many lifetimes have you lived, how many cycles, how many as M&F, what role you have chosen and what challenges need to be completed to move toward your goals.

Other key lessons are learning to let go, to drop karma, to sit in trust, how to use intuition to guide you, the importance of gratitude and the souls journey.  

It's the most incredible journey of discovery. It's like going from a world of black and white into a world of technicolour!

My awakening

My awakening journey has spanned a decade and was particularly difficult.

This is what makes me such a good teacher, I have encountered everything you are experiencing and I know exactly

how to help you overcome all eventualities.

There is nothing that cannot be resolved. All you have to be is open minded and willing to learn.

Living a happy life is your birth right.

We are not supposed to suffer.

Work with me in person or over zoom.

A FREE 30 min consultation is offered to all new 1:1 clients.

My name is Charlie Greig, I am a Ascended Old Soul Master/Healer, a Published Author "Depressed to Happy" and a certified

Soul Plan Reader.

I have just been awarded, one of the "Top Ten" healers in the world 2020.

Having undertaken this journey personally and helped hundreds of clients through my sessions, I understand the process of waking up to who you truly are at a fundamental level. This enables me to articulate concepts in an easy fun and understandable way.  

Clients say lessons become the highlight of their week.

You feel a shift even after the first lesson.

If you would like to work with me personally, please contact me and I will contact you to schedule an appointment.

I look forward to helping you.

Awakening V therapy

In my opinion and that of my clients, learning and growth V talking about your problems week on week is the difference.

When conversations remain in the past or the future, you remain trapped in fear. 

Therapy is great for shadow work but will not give you the uplift and clarity you need to live a happy and abundant life.

Therapy can go on for years with very little movement in your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Learning to awaken takes weeks and is life changing.

Traditional therapy is a mental health tool for a 3D world.

Remembering who you are is quantum and will allow you to live a happy life in 5D.

Everything in the universe including you is energy.

When you are sad or stuck you are in a low vibration and this is what you attract.  

Your reality becomes the very thing you are looking to escape from.

The law of attraction says, "like unto itself is drawn."

When you awaken your vibration lifts and your reality is therefore matched.

Everything you desire in life, the perfect partner, the perfect job, wealth and happiness are all high vibration energies.

In my opinion, learning to awaken is the therapy method of the future.

study at home
10 lesson video programme

My 10 lesson online programme contains all the tools you need to live a happy and abundant life.

After every lesson you will feel a huge shift which will gently bring you back into balance.

I recommend a lesson a week so you have time to practice the steps you learn between lessons.

Lesson Two which is all about the mind is available to watch FOC by clicking the button below.

In 10 weeks I learnt more than I have ever learnt in my life! This programme is for EVERYONE, it’s a life changer and I am forever grateful.


Daisy Age 40

A range of additional tools are available to help you.

My book - Depressed to Happy - A step by step guide to finding authentic happiness.

Soul Plan Reading - Discover your purpose, challenges and talents through your souls intended journey.

I’m happier than I have been in a very long time and see opportunities everywhere.

Charlie reminded me that anything is possible!

Can’t recommend Charlie enough!

She’ll change your life.


Kirin Age 34