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who Am I

Are you feeling depressed lost and stuck?

Remembering who you are is the secret to authentic happiness.

The answer is education not medication.


One to One lessons are held at my studio in Kensal Rise - London NW10.  The atmosphere is super relaxed and welcoming and you will be fully supported throughout your journey.

One to One-Couples-Families

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Lessons will be available on line in 2020.

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Mindfulness helps reduce stress and worry and prepares teenagers for adulthood with a greater understanding of self.

Talks and tailored programs for in house learning can be provided for your school.

Tailored programs for the workplace are highly recommended to support corporate responsibility,

overall mental wellness and productivity.

My Approach

Higher consciousness is our original state of being, we have just forgotten how to access this.  When in this higher state, depression and anxiety CANNOT exist.

Real medicine is knowledge, the answer to suffering is education, not medication. Learning to observe your thoughts and emotions are key to living a happy enlightened and empowered life.

A FREE hours consultation is offered to all new

One to One clients.

About Me

I am Charlie Greig, an Enlightened Old Soul,

Master Builder, Spiritual Teacher and Healer.

Im passionate about what I do, because I have

 experienced depression first hand, this is why my teaching is so effective.

I am unique in what I do and I look forward to helping you.

A good life is not a life without problems,
a good life is a life with good problems.

The WHO AM I program is a set of 10 lessons designed specifically to awaken your authentic self, heal depression and quieten negative thoughts created by the mind.  

Lessons are 90 mins in duration, and are recommended once a week.

Years of therapy are not the answer, let me help you short cut the process of awakening in a matter of weeks.

A life free of stress and worry is only 10 steps away.

A FREE hours consultation is offered to all new One to One clients.


Self Esteem


Anger Management