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who Am I

Are you feeling lost and stuck?

Would you like to live an abundant, successful and happy life?

I can teach you how.


I am highly effective because I have experienced how debilitating it is to be depressed, lost and stuck.

My personal journey started by asking myself one fundamental question. WHO AM I?

Depression can affect anyone at any time, traumatic life events are often the triggers that knock us off balance and this is what happened to me. I went from being a highly successful property developer/interior designer for celebrity clients, such as Emma Bunton and Depeche Mode, to homeless after taking a multi million pound risk bringing the UK's first carbon neutral housing product "Cub" to market in 2010.

I now see's this period of loss in my life as a wonderful gift as it has allowed me to awaken and find true purpose.  

I was born to be a profound Spiritual Teacher/Healer, but first, I had to experience major life lessons to be ready to take on this challenge. I have invested over 35,000 hours of dedicated learning to help you achieve extraordinary wellness in the shortest time possible. 

My career has been well documented by the BBC, Sunday Times, The Observer, The Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard and many more.

My name is Charlie Greig and I look forward to helping you.

I am certified by the Holistic Healing College in London as a Soul Plan Reader.


Working with me in person is a premium service.

A list celebrities and high-powered executives work with me to become and remain at the top of their game.

We are all born with a gift to share with the world, discovering purpose and learning how to share this gift with confidence is not only liberating but enables flow.

Once flow is achieved, you are unstoppable. You are handed the master key to unlock any door you wish.

I am your personal teacher, mentor and coach and I help you achieve mental clarity, purpose and strength to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements in the strictest of confidence.

Skype sessions are also available.


It is my mission to help as many people as possible,

not everyone is geographically or financially positioned to work with me in person.

With this in mind, I have taken the key elements of my teaching and built them into a comprehensive, affordable

10 lesson programme.

Lessons are presented in diagrammatic format for creative learners like myself.

My practical way of presenting concepts, in a fun and memorable way, very simply embed what can be very complex. This is a serious learning experience, the tools you will learn and then implement into your life will change your perception and enjoyment of life forever.

£497.00 - 10 lesson programme.

work with me

You will quickly find relief from the everyday struggle you are currently experiencing to living a life of empowerment, clarity, abundance, purpose and bliss.

How will life look if you don't take positive action?

Years of therapy or rehabilitation can run into 10's of thousands of pounds and is likely to just get you back to the place you started without significant growth.  

Do you have the time and money to pursue this route?

We all lead busy lives and time is precious, would you like to see outstanding results in weeks rather than months or years?

Would you like to find purpose and be happy doing what you love?

Is how your feeling impacting the lives of others you love or sabotaging your career or relationships?

Is this putting further pressure on you to cover up and hide how you are really feeling, delaying the opportunity to make significant change?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

What you can expect to gain from working with me. You will... 

Know exactly who you are and why you are here.

Feel empowered and clear in your direction.

Have a greater love of yourself and others.

Be stress and worry free.

View life as a gift.

Attract what you want when you want it.

Achieve flow.

Become a positive and valued member of society.

Experience authentic happiness.

I am a master at what I do and I would love to help you.


"I’m more awake than I have been in a very long time and see opportunities everywhere. Charlie reminded me that anything is possible! Can’t recommend Charlie enough! She’ll change your life!

Kirin Age 34

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