I'm depressed and feeling stuck, I feel like I'm on a constant wheel of repeat, can you help?

Absolutely, I heal through knowledge transfer and energy. I teach you the tools to AWAKEN which is the key to finding authentic happiness. Please have a look at my testimonials to read what my clients say. You can work with me in person or over ZOOM.

Can you help me find purpose?

Establishing purpose is achieved through a process of steps. You will have your numerology and soul plan chart prepared for you as part of my 10 week program when working with me one to one or separately if you are working via my membership programme. Your SOUL PLAN holds the keys to purpose. If you are working with me in person or remotely I guide you through the entire process so you can discover what your were born to do.

My anger issues are impacting my daily life and my family. Will your programme help with this?

Anger is just one of the 22 emotions humans experience. My 10 lesson programme moves you through all these emotions and heals you, leaving you conscious and ready to live a life free from anger and guilt.

What is awakening?

Humans live their lives governed by fear. Becoming conscious, WAKING UP is how you escape this reality. This is achieved through a process of steps to help you remember who you are, why you are here and what your here to do. This remembering is called your awakening. When you are AWAKE you see life for what it is, a game that we have all chosen to play. Escape fear and see the world in a whole different way.

Where are you based and what is the last appointment of the day?

My studio is in Kensal Rise NW10. I am based 30 seconds from Kensal Rise overground station. My last appointment of the day is at 5pm Mon - Fri and Saturdays are by appointment, Sunday i am closed. Each lesson is Approx 90 mins. 24 hours notice is required to change or cancel appointments. If you are unable to visit me personally, you can always study with me remotley 1:1 or via my membership programme. Please register so i can keep you informed about upcoming events and workshops. It's my pleasure to help.

Can I speak to you before commiting to working with you.

Yes of course, I offer a FREE 30 mins phone consultation to all new clients who are interested in working with me in person. Please contact me to arrange a mutually suitable time to chat and i will contact you personally. I look forward working with you.

Do you have to be religious to benefit from your teaching?

Not at all, my beleifs and teaching are more scientific, we are energy as is everything in the universe. If you do have specific beliefs these will be respected.

Are you open during the Corona Virus pandemic?

Yes i am open for business and am COVID - 19 compliant. One to One lessons are now available on ZOOM or in person, or via my membership programme. If you have a desktop, tablet or phone we can work together. If you have any questions, please email me.

Can i book single sessions as i need?

Absolutley, sessions are 90 mins in duration and can be held in person or over ZOOM. I offer talk or teach therapy. Please just message me via my cotact form and i will get back to you to arrange a suitable time.

Do you provide any services for free?

I have spent the last year working mainly for free. As this is not sustainable for the long term, I have recorded my 10 lesson online programme which is extremeley affordable to help people with lower budgets. Becoming a member, gives you unlimited access to my channel for one year. I recommend one a lesson a week.