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  • Can I work with you 1:1
    Yes, it would be my pleasure. I am able to work 1:1 over Zoom. Please contact me so I can set up a suitable time to call you to discuss how best to serve you.
  • How much do you charge to work 1:1 for single lessons.
    The cost of a single one hour sessions is £110.00. These may be useful if you are following my online programme, to master or understand more on certain topics you may need more help with. I can tailor what we learn when I have heard what you need. Please contact me to discuss. I have a new service for those wanting to understand more whats happening in the world and how to prepare which I have discounted to £55.00 per hour to help everyone at this time. Please pay on the tools page where you will find more details, and I will contact you for a suitable time to call. For the UK we can do this by phone or Zoom, outside of the UK this will be on zoom only.
  • What is awakening?
    Humans live their lives governed by fear. Becoming conscious, WAKING UP is how you escape this reality. This is achieved through a process of steps to help you remember who you are, why you are here and what your here to do. This remembering is your awakening. When you are AWAKE you see life for what it is, a game that we have all chosen to play. Escape fear and see the world in a whole different way. This process will change your life forever. It's what you have all come to do!
  • Do you do couples appointments?
    Many clients have saved their marriage by working with me. I would highly recommend spiritual awakening lessons over couples therapy. It is important to remain in this present moment. Therapy keeps you trapped in the past and the future. You will achieve greater results in a shorter time frame. As I am currently travelling, I would highly recommend studying my online programme together as I am unable currently to work 1:1 for now. This will bring you closer together and give you the chance to share in something beautiful together. You will learn so much about each other, it may just save your marriage!
  • Can you help me find purpose?
    Establishing purpose is achieved through a process of steps. Lesson 4 of my online programme covers this. Your SOUL PLAN holds the keys to purpose. You can book a soul plan reading on the TOOLS page. Emailed version is £37 and a full 90 min reading is £220. I will need your full birth name to prepare either option. Please pay through my site and I will contact you for your DOB and birth name. If you are feeling stuck, this will greatly help you. It helped me greatly and was a life changing excercise.
  • My anger issues are impacting my daily life and my family. Will your programme help with this?
    Anger is just one of the 22 emotions humans experience. My 10 lesson online programme moves you through all these emotions and heals you, leaving you conscious and ready to live a life free from anger and guilt.
  • My teenager is really struggling and i dont know what to do?
    Indigo and chrstayline children have come to earth much more advanced than their parents. Their DNA is already enhanced. They find great comfort in my teaching as it feels very familiar to them. The teaching in schools is too repetitive and restrictive. They are more advanced than they are being taught and this causes lethargy and discomfort. Ego becomes active at puberty, so to teach them how to disolve this early on avoids much pain and discomfort as they grow up. I wish i had been sent to a me when i was a teen! I have taught many teenagers in the past and the results are remarkable. You can read their testimonials to hear the benefits for yourself on my testimonial page. Sign up to my online programme for them and perhaps do the programme with them to create a bond. You will learn lots too! Teenagers actually grasp the content much faster than adults. Spiritual Awakening lessons supersedes therapy sessions hands down. They don't want to talk about the past, they want to remember who they are. It's remarkable to see how they relax when they remember.
  • Do you have to be religious to benefit from your teaching?
    Not at all. If you do have specific beliefs these are respected. My belief is we are all one, all part of the same collective soup of consciousness and there is only one creator. What you call your creator is entirely up to you.
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