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Learning about SELF at an early age, helps prepare teenagers for life's challenges.  Social conditioning has made our children forget who they are.

The WHO AM I program helps teenagers 13+ years find purpose and clarity. I teach teenagers the tools they will need to become balanced and happy adults.

With an increase of 76,900 children being turned away from specialist mental health services since 2017 according to the education policy institute, I am stepping up to provide support for our younger generation, one to one or online.

If you would like to discuss in house programs at your school, please contact me to discuss this further.


I am passionate about helping our next generation of adults break the cycle of depression, anxiety and disconnection.

No one need be depressed in this day and age when the educational medicine needed is available.

Learning to control the mind and to live in the present moment is vital to our mental wellbeing.

Parental consent must be obtained for me to work with teens under 16 years old.

"Before I did the course I was afraid that it would change me into a completely different person that I wouldn’t be happy with, but having finished the course, I have changed, but I like the person I am now much more. "

Cody. Age 13

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