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SOUL PLAN is a wonderful tool to help you discover your challenges, talents  goals, and soul destiny, what you are here to do.  If you are feeling stuck, this will greatly help you.


This helps you navigates life's journey with ease.


Soul Plan is based on ancient Hebrew Gematria numerology and provides a holographic imprint of the souls intended journey. Your SOUL PLAN is calculated using the vibrational frequency of your birth name.

Please pay below, I will be automatically notified and I will contact you for your birth name to prepare your 7 pages of pure inspiration and guidance. 

I will email your chart within 24 hours.

Pease contact me below if you have any questions.

I am certified by the Holistic College of Healing.


If you are serious about establishing purpose and reaching your goals with ease, this document is a must have and if you are following my online programme this will greatly help with lesson 4.

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"Having my Soul Plan read was so inspiring, especially as I was just starting my first business venture, it filled me with confidence and helped me realise my talents. Thank you."

Jaime Age  54

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